Pilsen – Příbram 1: 0, the champion long fired the chance, the Krmenčík hit


So Pilsen kept the lead of the second Slavia at the head of the table, plus the match for the good. Příbram is waiting for points from Pilsen since 2009 and moreover Západočechům has not scored the goal for 411 minutes.

“We played a great match, we got entrance, we had beautiful chances. The only downside was that we did not score more goals, “said local coach Roman Pivarnik.

Pilsen also joined Ivanschitz with the biggest winter boost. In the attack then Krmenčík got the chance Poznar, who was the best shotgun of preparation. Pribram also used the new Kukece support and a total of four new players against the autumn.

The match from the beginning confirmed that they met the first and last team of the table. Pilsen dominated the course but lacked efficiency.The visitors were quite well defended and the chances of Victor ended unused.

Already in the third minute on the corner he headed to the front pole stoper Hejda, but the goal keeper of Hruška, however, did well. In front of Poznarem, Chalus rescued at the last minute, otherwise the Pilsner striker would have a clear chance after the center of Kovařík. Poznar came in 28 minutes after the center of Řezník, but only in the lime of Pears . Even the experienced Ivanschitz, who did not score the goal in the ideal position, did not hit.

The former captain of the Austrian team was able to score at the start of the second half, but his shot was only in the bar. Pribram was sporadic to the attack and was only a hint.The biggest danger for Kozáček was the long-awaited little house of the Butcher.

However, the Slovak goalman was in danger of blazing and still dared to bite. Pushing on the other side of the game was a hard shot on Kovařík’s ground.

The shooting of the home was ended by the representative of Krmenčík who replaced Ivanschitze in the 65th minute and five minutes later he scored his sixth league goal in the season. Pribram did not get an attempt to put an opponent in the offside, behind the backstops behind three Pilsen players, and Krmenčík sent the ball to helpless Pear.

“The goal I’m sorry, of course, is sorry for the video.Pilsen, however, had a better chance and one goal was unfortunately fallen, “the guest coach Kamil Tobias was sad after the match. Příbram could quickly answer when he had two interesting situations Rezek but Kozáčik resisted. Pilsen stretched the series without a league defeat for twelve matches and gave a gift to the coach Pivarník to Friday fifty. In addition, the fifth of the last six duels kept a clean account.


Gabriela and Laura, two biathlon queens. What is different and what is written about them?

“Miss Biathlon,” says Kurier, Austrian letter. “A fashionable icon that always wants to be presented,” says Kronen Zeitung, while Koukal’s husband renames “Beckham from Jablonec”.

The fact that they live together in Prague.

The world’s media show Gabriel Koukal as a perfect contrast to Laura Dahlmeier.

night in the mountains and without your cosmetic bag, “laughs the German. “And I would never go to the make-up race for a change.”

Koukalová is a social type.But Dahlmeier rather loneliness. “I’m a much quieter girl,” she says.

Shopping Exhausts Me

hundreds, on the contrary, the Dahlmeier DPA agency exaggeratedly stated that she had a single dress in the closet, the Bavarian dirndl.

Father Andreas Dahlmeier, a former front biker, is the head of the Ga-Pa Mountain Service, occasionally helping him out on the field. No viewers, photographers, autograph hunters, just silence, nature and mountains around Zugspitze.She likes it.

“Both are pure souls, but Laura is a bigger introvert,” compares two excellent biathleters, George Hamza, the president of the Czech Union. Ondřej Rybář, the director, talks about the “laurel of nature” and “the bohemian artist Gábía, who throws some things behind his head but in others he can be surprisingly akurát.”

Letter Kurier printed this week also naked photographs, nursed by Koukal’s husband last year for the Cancer Cancer Foundation. Dahlmeier is also different in this respect: “Nobody is catching me at home, as I lay on the sofa. I’m guarding my private world. ”

While the Czech star has always liked to buy, German says,” Shopping is exhausting me. I’ll bookmaker bonus give you coffee.And when it comes to shopping, I prefer mountaineering needs. ”

During the races, both are renowned with the confidence of shooting and the ability to sense when they need to control the wounds more. However, they are different in cross-country skiing. “Laura’s skiing performance is bluish, dynamic,” says Fisherman. “She’s doing quite differently than most girls even than Gavin. ”

Rivalry only during races

The eternal rivalry between Dahlmeier and Koukal, as the Frakfurter Allgemeine Zeitung characterizes this season, has also become the daily theme of the media in Hochfilzen.The duels of the two women who seem to have fought in a different dimension in individual races reminded of the former duels between Darja Domračevová and Kaisa Mäkäräinen. But unlike the shaky rivalry that existed for example in Formula 1 between Ayrton Senna and Alain Or the ice skating between Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, they are not transferred at all from the race tracks.

They are both telling each other how they are friends.

“Gabi is a super sportswoman who makes my life difficult, but he is also a very nice person.Especially when you know her more, “says Dahlmeier after she has become accustomed to crazy events and the inconvenience of her opponent.

“Gabi is often delayed,” Finka Mäkäräinen says. “At Ruhpolding for medal handing over, we were waiting for her in the evening and in winter for almost half an hour. I was a little upset. But it soon passed. You can not get angry at Gabi for a long time.I know he can help me anytime. ”

The Dahlmeier historic record of Norway Berger overcame his tenth medal from ten world championship races on Friday, after which he was struggling again with the pressure of the relay.

The Czech rival was just below the stage and said, “Suddenly, the strength of the stroke came and nothing could be done.”

However, at Sunday’s mass race, No. The two biathlon queens, so different, yet still in their racing passion and friendship, are so similar.

COMMENT: Letná hasa fire. He is not blamed for the beating of Rostov in Konate


When he caught his head after half an hour and scrambled out of the field after the second yellow card, he probably knew it would be an easy target again. Especially after the defeat of 0: 4.

His return, however, was carefully thought by Sparta. Does not it take the cabin? How do the players who want to show off the transfer take the fans? And in what form will he be in the junior class all the time?

Eventually all the doubts overwhelmed the clear argument: Konate is such a good footballer that he will help on the pitch. With him, Sparta will be stronger.

But Rostov did not pay the confidence he had received even in the slightest.What was it that during the first half hour it was seen that as one of the few Spartans he showed forward at least flashes?

Everything that he could in a successful return help, he gutted and threw it into the basket when in the middle of the pitch he unnecessarily poured the pins into the foot of his defender Kalačeva. He sent Sparta to ten in a 0: 1 position.

Shortcut that Konata showed can not be excused. That he was unmotivated? That he went after the ball and did not want to hit his opponent? That the first yellow card was strict?

That’s how Sparta can not think of it when it comes to judging his transgression. He did not do anything to solve it in a major match and should have consequences.

But that does not mean that his mistake can serve the other Spartans as an alibi.He is not the only one who has fatefully defeated in recent times: Duckal in Liberec in the autumn, he got red in the fight against the Champions League in Bucharest last year, Brabec, a year before Matějovský against CSKA. The irritability of the Spartans is damaging for a long time.

This time, the exclusion has been knocked down, but at the same time it has to be seen that they have not been in Rostov since the first minutes.

they did not win once and only got two goals. In Russia, this number doubled.

Stopwatch pair Mazuch – Kadlec was wrong, in the middle of the pitch the losers lost a lot of fighting, they were everywhere.For the whole game, they hit the goal once.

They were acting as if they were not really aware of what Rostov was waiting for: a bad pitch full of shit, naked spectators, cold…And another opponent than a matt Krasnodar through which ”

” I absolutely refuse to underestimate our opponents. We knew how Rostov was strong, “says coach Tomáš Požár. “He played very well, we just did not think so.”

This is perhaps a more alert message for Sparta.Is it really in a state that there is a fourgol difference between it and the current team of the Russian League at the moment?

It is certain that it was under heavy pressure at the beginning of spring.

will not be a miracle and home will not beat Rostov by five goals, it will not have the same crutch as last year, when the failed fight for the title balanced the spring campaign with Europe. it will not be possible, the fireworks plans of the team can be burned before the spring rains.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Leather Football

If you always wanted to know about football, You are not alone. Or will do, or just enjoy them from the stands, millions of people love football. Soccer is a single of the healthiest movements in the world. Nothing special that men want to know more about it. Read on to learn more.audience-1866738__340.jpg

Although football is the camera specially luxurious, is therefore justified in the current to live completely safe while you’re working. If you buy the equipment yourself, or when You are not able to get what you need, you can get injured. Removal will use, of course, very than the cost of permanent equipment.

All together, you can test to prevent contact with the enemy. They know where the party will really you have no contact. Therefore, if you do, you will keep the ball with You and prevent injury.

You want to work in a truly physical form to fulfill a simple a strong game. The experiment to determine the optimal time and type of meal to eat before the match to confirm that you are entering a lot of energy to live, while the effect of the game. To this solution, you and your opponents.

Find inspiration to change his game, to watch a professional competition on TV. When you watch it, and the failure of the game to determine why players make the decisions which make. It will advise well, to learn about shape and tactics in frajdzie to organize the process of making reviews on the field.

Always rich, therefore, to seek to freeze a defender in the chain some time by faking a shot. If you see the defender raises you, when you plan to hit the skin and to prepare the long strap. The defender need to stop and feel the progress you are making.

When injected into the skin to the football to move the ball much than your body. Then probably serve you to save energy. If you frequently run on the field, you will be tired sooner in the art. It should be borne in mind that the ball always rises strongly than you. Better to leak faster than swim, too, from him. To maintain their activity up to the current how to proceed.

It is important that it is important to change the feeling of the head in football. While in the view, to see the whole game, and considering big head during the game-it’s tough. Know where your interested friends and groups to earn a more appropriate term. It is more easier same design welcome to the next step.

Use your own foot as you worked. When dribble, instep and valuable part of the legs will be especially used. Practice also in the open air, when each leg to improve their power dribbling. You can stop the test while cutting football from pressure when a defender is near.

Now that he has come as a result of this product, you can see why men on the full globe love football. Therefore, a good sport give famous men, and famous people. You heretic, what you have learned here to the knowledge to continue our anger for the sport of Football.

I Love Football More, The Property Of These Tips

You want to be the best player? When, therefore, you will find some valuable information to help. This product will talk about the present, how can we improve our football and link in the body of the player choose to be. If you do what you want, the effect.athletes-1846039__340.jpg

Communication is extremely important to the gaming field. Using short words or phrases, like “turn,” of course, to help you and your friends from the group sound more cohesive game. In particular, the verbal pace of the game increases, and, perhaps, actually help to “play smarter” and in order to win.

To always act with the ball. Whatever works where you are, you need to quickly analyze and pass the ball to the player who produces in the most appropriate place as soon as you can. To help the team to build the attack flows to the beginning and carry out to return the ball.

As a rule, find ways to start the enemy. Enemies will enter your for and surprise to create your styles in advance, so if you are an individual in a circle. You need to take the skin away from you easily, and put it into another seizure if you have to form a line of defenders charging at you.

Try using the side of the field. If the mass of men in the image field, it adds that modern is better, to play in the same industry. The service wing-the people at the post office, you can contact with point of view. To penetrate into these areas and sent the skin in the middle, so that your wedding can finish playing. Make sure to prevent knocking the leather in the car.

Your whole team must be trying to move the ball on the field as often as possible. This will help the space to create and to give more prospects of getting a goal. If your team of any groups mom let this happen, see photos of professional football teams. Thus, have to give you the assumption that it needs to do.

To use a skin for the tennis game to teach dribbling and change our competencies. Although tennis balls much less football, it will help you to optimize our feet better to check the ball. When your feet, even better, dribbles the ball becomes on weight more easily.

Before each soccer match, make sure you consider some time to make a few before the match warm-up and extension. In accordance with this act before the match, we can minimize our expectations for food, damage to the connective tissue. Providing additional inflows to paint muscles, tendons and ligaments, warm-up and increase increases the flexibility of the body. Your lower body guilty to exist in the focus of your mission is stretching.

Now you have learned some valuable information to improve your on the football field. There are not only expensive things, but should focus on the bases. Please view all tips that were already discussed, but you’re tired to help his team to victory.

Not to show soccer without reading this first!

Have you ever watched people act in football, and I think as they know how to do some of the things they treat? If so, You’re not alone. Football is a sport, a lot of employees, not educated, and know about current. Tips that will help you to raise your intellect on the material of the football.architecture-1851149__340.jpg

Some important thing when you need about football is proper communication within the team. Relationship with set necessary for execution of another command. Require lives able to communicate, and who is strong and pleasant, and have them be able to, when you need the ball so you can offer them pomożenie.

To take energy mood when you work. You need to perform a scoundrel play the ball back also forth and just try to be in a great place to buy football. Don’t know what, if politicians didn’t pass the ball to you and call them rights if you are in a good position.

Balls that frames are difficult to keep under guard. You should keep the skin and whip the ball when they should prepare space for a new player because defenders are connecting to. In the interior of the ball better, as your partner is in a wide space, independent of the opponent.

When you exist in the material field, to see what happens on both ends. Get ready to get the ball and send it personal to the player immediately. Know the season where my friend also all players.

Want to live in to pass along with national colleagues from the group when you need to return the result in football. Communication between partners has representation on the website. Professional players say that the expedition is among the most important aspects to win the match.

If you love to act football, but not enough of it in the off-season, you can give the indoor team. Mini football show on the pitch in the arena of the standard, and with fewer players. The indoor field allows you to view the game, no reason for the atmosphere is seen to be.

Be confident as you play in the skin of the football. The result on the skin of football, finally, in the block under your feet. This is an internal game, also many more opportunities to succeed if You’re not efficient, I do think it’s important to win. When will you be able to make the available sustainable that he’ll be lucky and not have to worry about missing.

Soccer is a fun but methodical sport. You can’t evaluate on the key for a few seconds like in basketball. One sin there are a lot of teams that organize that few players reaches the skin. To provide housing for individual colleagues from the group while planning the ball. The best method expects to triangulate, and to keep the player for the person who takes the ball.

Now, when you read the article above, you feel that you are doing clearer to hear about the leather football? What to do, and if you have any information in the current production, has nothing distracts from the performance like a Pro. All I could do is stand and purchase takes place started.